Data Circuits over Copper
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Brain Net’s well-designed network promotes state-of-the-art Internet connectivity. It maintains a top-quality system of traffic engineering. Brain Net systematically engineers the network to operate at highest availability and reliability with the least packet delay.

In addition to its advanced engineering practices, Brain Net’s 24 hours/7 days Network Operations Center ensures the immediate detection and correction of the simplest network faults that might arise.

In a nutshell Brain Net’s unmatched dedicated Internet connection service offers optimum speed, reliability and support.

Brain Net’s dedicated connection service offers a permanent connection to the Internet as opposed to a dialup service that offers an intermittent connection. The dedicated Internet connection translates into a full-time connection to the Internet.

The customer will be connected via an analog leased line to a digital cross connect system, which connects leased line customers into Brain Net’s core router, and onto the Internet.


The following cases highlight the requirements that lead companies to replace their dialup connections with dedicated connections:Long time period dedicated connection: When you need to connect to the Internet for very long periods of time. By using our DXX dedicated line you are able to reduce your phone bills by having a separate line for internet connectivity.Broadband Connectivity: If your business need requires you to have a dedicated connection with broadband internet bandwidth which is not supported by regular dialup or ISDN accounts. By deploying a DXX line, you can connect at higher speeds. Brain Net offers speeds in multiples of 64Kbps (n x 64) up to 2048 Kbps. Speeds higher than 2 MB can be accommodated.Host an online application server: When you need to host an online application on your server at your own premises, you can have a dedicated DXX broadband line deployed at your site. This will enable you to host online applications at your own site.

Brain DXX broadband circuit incorporates many benefits that meet the requirements of corporate clients. Some of the many benefits of DXX are as follows:High speed wide-band access to the Internet.Handles all types of information voice, data, text and video.Clear and efficient digital transmission.Allows inexpensive digital access to the worldwide telecommunication network.Offers the options of variable, responsive transmission speeds to suit specific applications.Video conferencing and superior quality of image transfer.No dialing required to connect.No phone bills.

Brain provides fast Internet connectivity over its high speed national backbone. Brain Corporate accounts come with UNLIMITED ACCESS and OFFICE HOUR ACCESS, so you can get connected anytime you want, as often as you want. There is no browser restriction, and can be used behind any Local cache/proxy server. Brain DXX circuit is most suitable and economical internet offered for Business with broadband internet requirements.

POP3 email account.5 Megs of homepage space.Free web mail access.Free software downloads.Spam filtering.High performing anti-virus scanning.All Digital Equipment on the Brain Network.End to End fiber connectivity.No Busy Signal.Dynamic IP address assignment.24/7 Hour technical support through phone, email and IM.Free onsite troubleshooting for Windows and Linux environment.Additional web space and static IP address is available with additional charges.