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What is Brain TEL?
Brain Tel is a Telecommunication Company providing Telephone Connections same like PTCL to the subscribers. Brain TEL is using a technology that enables routing of voice conversations.

What are the basic requirements for using Brain Tel’s Phone Service?
To use our Phone Service you need a Telephone Number from Brain Telecommunication Ltd. For this Purpose please find an Application Form (Available Online at along with a copy of your National ID card. Send this filled and signed form to Brain Telecommunication Ltd, 730-Nizam Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, or Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit personally. As you have to pay Rs.5000(as a refundable security)for getting connection of having Nation Wide Dialing enabled and Rs.6000 (refundable security) for International dialing.

How It Works?
It works more efficiently with more voice quality rather than an ordinary telephone line. Brain TEL service allows elimination of circuit switching and the associated waste of bandwidth. Instead, packet switching is used, where as at Brain Telecommunication Ltd, packets with voice data are sent over the network only when data needs to be sent, i.e., when a caller is talking.

In Which Areas I can get a Brain TEL Connection and what are the Area Limits for using this Service?
Initially, Subscribers can use service of Brain Telecommunication Ltd in Lahore only.
*What are the Call rates from Brain TEL to other cities, like from Lahore to Karachi, I’m confused and unable to calculate the distance between different cities?
Calling Rates of Brain Telecommunication Ltd are slightly lower from other traditional telephone services. You can call a Karachi number from Lahore using Brain TEL Phone Number at Rs. 2.00/- Per Minute.
A Detailed Tariff is available on

Can Brain TEL receive incoming calls from abroad and other cities?
Yes, you can receive incoming calls from abroad and other cities like other phone services. *I’m in Karachi; will I have to dial 042 first when trying to connect to Brain TEL Number?
Yes, like other phone services you will have to dial 042 first when you are trying to connect from any other city of Pakistan. If you are trying to dial it from abroad then you need to dial 009242 or +9242 first.

How can I use Brain TEL for International Dialing?
Brain Telecommunication Ltd is offering a variety of packages for outgoing calls. For International Dialing facility you need to pay a sum of Rs. 6,000/- as security deposit and you can avail the facility of International Dialing.
Is Brain TEL prepaid or postpaid?
Brain TEL is a postpaid service.

What is the Line Rent for Brain TEL Connection?
Line Rent of Brain TEL connection is Rs. 150/- per Month.

Is there any Hidden Cost behind the Connection?
No, there is no Hidden Cost behind the connection. Brain TEL provides the details in monthly bills with all call charges, line rent along with a complete call record.

What is the Cost of Hard Phone?
Brain Telecommunication Ltd is also providing Linksys PAP2 Telephone Adapter with service and without service. Charges and Details of Linksys PAP2 Tele Adapter are available on

Is Brain TEL working only with Brain NET internet connections?
Yes, it works only on Brain Metropolitian Area Network.